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This theme covers any implications for the wider adoption of the e-textbooks. What are the activities around this, what are the considerations for implementation? How about role out to other institutions?

Institution as e-textbook publisher project workshop group sessions

This blog post was written by Graham Stone, Senior Research Manager, Jisc. As part of our Institution as e-textbook publisher project workshop in Birmingham on 16 June 2017, we asked our projects to cover the following broad themes in their presentations: • Costs: how long did the books take to write, what were the hidden costs? • Benchmarking: cost … Read more

eTIPS Use Case Blogpost

This blog post was written by Jacky MacMillan, Head of the University of the Highlands and Islands Educational Development Unit* As the eTIPS project has progressed, at an institutional level there has been a significant interest in ways in which the outputs of the project could be embedded to maximise the impact of the eTIPS team’s … Read more

Institution as e-textbook publisher workshop

          Jisc’s institution as e-textbook publisher project is a four-year project investigating the viability of higher education institutions publishing their own e-textbooks. On 16 June 2017, Jisc and the four project teams hosted the first workshop to an audience composed of librarians, learning technologists, senior university staff and academics. The workshop reflected back … Read more

Wider adoption of the e-TIPS model

This blog post was written by Professor Frank Rennie*, Lews Castle College, University of the Highlands and Islands e-TIPS was an experimental project, so it would be wrong to predict a massive sea-change in the adoption of e-textbooks, but our experiences allow us to speculate on potential implications and opportunities for the future use of … Read more