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What was done, how, are there any figures? Concepts and process behind the dissemination, uptake, and wider adoption of the e-textbooks.

Dissemination and wider uptake of Using Primary Sources

This blog post was written by Alison Welsby, Editorial Director at Liverpool University Press. As discussed in previous blog posts, Using Primary Sources is an Open Access teaching and study resource that combines rare archival source material with high quality peer-reviewed chapters by leading academics. One of the main reasons to publish the e-textbook was … Read more

Authors motivations for writing e-textbooks

This blog post was written by Professor Frank Rennie, University of the Highlands and Islands. There was no single motivation to engage with this institutional e-publishing process, but among the range of perceived benefits, the idea of being able to get our own academic ideas available quickly and inexpensively out to students was certainly a … Read more

Dissemination, distribution and discovery of e-textbooks

This blog post was written by Alison Fox, Marketing and Distribution Manager, UCL Press. UCL press published two open access e-textbooks with Jisc as part of the ‘Institution as e-textbook publisher project’. The first was Textbook of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Published in June 2016, content from this book was downloaded 23,067 times in 156 … Read more

Future opportunities for e-textbooks to be used by other HE and FE institutions

This blog post was written by Steve Stapleton, University of Nottingham. This is an introductory blog post that will be discussed in detail in another blog post in May 2018. One of the last things that we need to do as part of the project at Nottingham is to investigate the potential for our two … Read more

Internal Distribution and Promotion of eTIPS eTextbooks

This blog post was written by Laurence Patterson, Edinburgh Napier University. The eTIPS project, sponsored by Jisc, is a collaboration between The University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI), and Edinburgh Napier University (ENU). eTIPS saw two eTextbooks authored, formatted, and completed by academics and others. A fundamental objective of the project was to take … Read more

Marketing engagement and creativity

This blog post was written by Emily Felton, Marketing Assistant, Liverpool University Press. One of the foremost principles in academic books marketing is to ensure that the research of an author gets the exposure it deserves. Publishing within the academic markets of the humanities and social sciences ensures that we often encounter some of the … Read more

External Distribution and Promotion of eTIPS eTextbooks

This blog post was written by Laurence Patterson, Edinburgh Napier University. The largest distribution network in the world is, of course Amazon, used by millions of book readers each year, but also by millions of writers, as a means of self-publishing through their Kindle Distribution Publishing (KDP) service. For eTIPS, a joint project between Edinburgh … Read more

Why should institutions consider publishing open access textbooks

This blog post was written by Lara Speicher, Publishing Manager, UCL Press Earlier this year, the education publisher Pearson reported a 30% decline in revenue in the fourth quarter, and Peter J. Cohen, president of McGraw-Hill Education’s U.S. education group, said in an interview. “We and the rest of the industry are recognizing that the … Read more

The eTIPS Project Evaluation: Understanding Competitor Analysis – Price and Ranking

This blog post was written by Laurence Patterson, Edinburgh Napier University. Our eTextbooks are published to the Amazon Kindle store. Despite any degree of moral opposition, this wasn’t a difficult decision to make. After all, Kindle offers a massive amount of international distribution, within three hours of a touch of a button, as well as … Read more

The final push – what are we planning in the final year of the Institution as e-textbook publisher project?

This blog post was written by Graham Stone, Senior Research Manager, Jisc The Institution as e-textbook publisher project started its journey in 2014 and will wrap up in the next 12 months. In that time the partner institutions have published seven textbooks, we have published a number of articles and the teams have presented at … Read more