Monthly Archives: September 2017

Survey questions to assess value of e-textbooks produced in-house

Please note that the surveys presented in this blog post were created by the University of Liverpool, the University of Nottingham, the University of Highlands and Islands with Edinburgh Napier University, and University College London. One of the core objectives of the Institution as e-textbook publisher project is to evaluate the value of the e-textbooks produced … Read more

Exploring the University as an e-Textbook Provider of Scholarly Work

The article ‘Exploring the University as an e-Textbook Provider of Scholarly Work’ written by Frank Rennie, Keith Smyth, Gareth Davies, Scott Connor, Laurence Patterson has recently been published in the Journal of Perspectives in Applied Academic Practice. Abstract Despite the growth in the popularity of e-textbooks, there has yet to be adopted an effective model … Read more